Flat Milling Cutters

In partnership with Amann Girrbach we have developed a kit of straight rotos that allows any user to have a better finishing on internal/external hexagon abutments and also on the screw stop due to it's 90° flat top.


This kit is made up of a 0,6mm ST and a 1,2mm ST. You can also purchase the 0,3mm HD from Amann Girrbach to have a better finishing on the surfaces.


If you want to mill angulad channels you can also buy the 1,5mm roto also developed in partnership with Amann Girrbach to make your experience much easier.




Q1. Where do I buy theese rotos?

 A1.  You can buy them directly with your local dealer.


Q2. Which position in the tool holder I must use the new flat milling cutters?

A2. It depends on the milling machine you are using.


Motion 1, Motion 2 and Mikro 4x:

   0,6mm ST on T4
   1,2mm ST or 1,5mm (for angulated channels) on T5
   0,3mm HD on T6


Mikro 5x

   0,3mm HD on T4
   0,6mm ST on T5
   1,2mm ST on T6
   1,5mm (for angulated channels) on T7