Ordering process

InCadCam - Caltini's Group Company


1. Contact your dealer or your sales representative

First, find your local Amanngirrbach dealer or contact us direcly through our sales representative at [email protected]. They will wlak you through all the package options, prices and payment

2. Purchase your licence

Together with your dealer or sales representative, purchase the package that better suits your needs.

3. Choose your libraries

Choose the libraries you want from the ones we have already developed. You can check them all here.

4. Schedule your installation

Schedule the best day and time for your installation and training. The whole process will take no more than 1h 30min.

5. Installation and training

On the date and time you set witfh your sales representative or dealer our support team will install the InCadCam solution and train you on how to use it and best practices so you can have the best experience.

6. Enjoy your new possibilities

Now you are all set to start this new chapter on your lab! And remember you can count on us to help you along each step of it.