About InCadCam Solution

InCadCam is a plugin software developed by INCADCAM, a brazilian company partner of Amann Girrbach®, since 2015 we have been working with the main goal of optimizing the milling process on all abutments connections, improving their fit, precision and ensuring an excellent results in the final product.


Our solution lets you mill constructions (single crowns, multiunits and bars) that fit directly to the implant's platform. With it, it is also possible to develope angled channels' contructions. That means, milling the connections on the construction. With this comes more milling capacity and lower costs, because titanium interfaces are no longer necessary.


The milling indication is for soft material as Wax, Sintron, Zirconia and PEEK. The Add-on is available for Amann Girrbach's Mikro, Motion I, Motion II and Matik. 



All the steps bellow must be checked in order to avoid any misusage of INCADCAM and to help you get a better fitting.


- Monthly check the calibration of your machine.

- Keep your machine maintenance up to date.

- Use recommended rotos and pay attention to its lifetime.