Protection Plan


InCadCam’s Protection Plan is a support and helpdesk service offered by our team.


Why should I have InCadCam’s Protection Plan?

To have access to the following services:

·        Add-on or libraries reinstallations;

·        Updates or activations needed;

·        Problems or doubts with libraries (exclusively InCadCam®’s libraries);

·        Support on scanbody development on CAM

·        Any other matters regarding InCadCam or it’s libraries


What is the difference between Amann Girrbach’s protection plan and InCadCam’s?

Amann Girrbach’s protection plan is focused on the machine maitenance and CAD software while InCadCam's is focused on CAM, more specifically on InCadCam’s libraries and addon updtates and reinstallations.


How long is the protection plan valid?

InCadCam’s protection plan is valid for one year and can be renewed with your local dealer or sales representative.